Product Flow

Customer Management purpose is to set up Facilities, add Users with different access roles and assign them to specific Teams.

Fail Codes purpose is to allow to manage Fail Categories and Fail Codes for different Test Configurations and associate them to a specific test. At the same time, it allows create New Priority Groups if a Fail Category with different Fail Codes but same or different Priority is required.

Test Configurations purpose is allow to setup Parameters, Duplicate Tests and associate them to different Fail Codes, create Dependencies, and Model Exclusions, among other features.

Test Suite Management purpose is allow to setup a new Test Suite with a specific sequence, Number of Operator Audits, Audit Threshold, and Fail Codes display mode, among other features.

The purpose with Program Management is to add a Service Suite(s) using a Default template or copying from an Existing Suite.

Custom Fields Editor allows to add customized fields to be run within Pro-Diagnostics Desktop during Log In or at the end of each process run.

Client Deployment purpose is to deploy all the files and configurations performed in the previous 6 modules to be run within Pro-Diagnostics Desktop & Mobile.